Another Mystery Image vs Spiral Jetty

Anyone know who made this image? (Or should we call it an earthwork?) I wonder if it is photoshopped or real? If it is a real image, kudos are due indeed for its creation and execution --- though I hope no trees were executed to create it.

(Via the excellent art blog Le Territoire Des Sens.)

It's a Spiral Jetty for the environmental cause.

So then that poses and interesting question. Is Spiral Jetty a work of art with an environmental message? It's all in how you interpret it of course, whether you focus on the bulldozer tearing up and reshaping the landscape --- or the heightened awareness of place and landscape that the earth-work has brought to people who have watched it surface and submerge over the last 38 years.


Molly Schafer said...

hmmm, something to ponder indeed.

Michael McDevitt said...

I'd bet dollars to donuts that, if it isn't faked, the tree image is an accident. That looks like a pretty standard clear cut to me. You've got the previous cut regrowing by the roadside and the branching access road heading inward to new timber. If it's not a fake, I'd say it's an ironic coincidence.
It does make me marvel at the commonality of the organizational principles that govern both organic and inorganic structures. The branching, tree-like pattern was likely created by the same geometric rules that govern rivers, blood vessels, coral, and trees. Strange to find wonder hiding in something as grim as a clear cut.
Nice find, thanks. Also, thanks for introducing me to Le Territoire des Sens.

Jenny Kendler said...

I think you're probably right --- that really makes sense that it's a "naturally" occurring shape. I guess, in this case, we'd have to call it something like a painfully ironic fractal...

Unknown said...

The tree image is certanly not fake! It has won a "picture of the year" award in Sweden in 2006 (http://www.airpix.se/).

It is called "trädet" ("the tree") and was shot by Joakim Berglund.
It shows the result after clearing up windfellings by the storm "Gudrun".

Jenny Kendler said...


Thanks so much for the info! I am happy to finally know the source of this wonderful image.

It's also nice to know that it doesn't have to do with commercial logging. It's a very neat image and definitely deserves the award.