Kaleidoscope Eyes Mystery Surprise

I found these images on the blog of the lovely Kaleidoscope Eyes, who blogs about style and magical ephemera, but don't know who the artists are. Anyone have a clue? I'd love to see more of these different artists works, as I think these pieces are quite clever and effective. The exhaust is the best use of inflatables that I have seen yet. I wonder if the piece was a static sculpture, or if the car could drive around? It would be so great to see that coming down the street! That's pretty much what I think every time I see a car these days. Get out the bikes guys, now that the weather is nice. There is no freer feeling that flying past traffic on your zippy little two wheeled wonder. Bikes forever!

Perhaps the neon piece is a tad un-subtle, but I can relate to that feeling and it made me laugh.

This one doesn't make me laugh:

As some of you may know (or have noticed) polar bears are one of my most favorite creatures on this little planet. The long awaited, long delayed, and long fought for decision by the EPA as to whether or not to list polar bears as an endangered species finally came through a couple of days ago --- but only listed the bears as threatened. Moreover, there are apparently exemptions in the law regarding global warming effects on the bears and several other damaging loopholes. The decision was also delayed long enough by the Whitehouse so that large tracts of land in the polar bears' territory could be sold off for oil drilling. Way to get all Orwellian on us, Environmental Protection Agency. Might as well change your name to Ministry of the Environment at this point. The agency has been so gutted and turned inside out by the Bush regime, it now seems to be actively working against protecting the environment. You can read more here from an activist perspective at Greenpeace and a "populist" perspective in the LA Times.

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Molly Schafer said...

That "wtf have you done" neon reminds me of a time when I was driving through beautiful Pennsylvania mountains. At the summit, looking out at the nearby mountains I exclaimed "this is beautiful!" I was so overcome it took me a moment to notice that 1/3 of my view was blocked by an enormous billboard advertising ADULT VIDEOS at a nearby shop.