WWF Campaign

Seems like the image that I posted of the car spewing sculptural exhaust may have been Photoshopped! Gasp!

It in fact appears not to be a piece of art, but a part of a clever campaign by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) from Beijing to ask Chinese citizens not to drive one day a week.
The sculptural smog balloon represents how much pollution is eliminated for each car taken off the road for a day.
Via tranism.com)

Here's a link to some details on the project.

Not sure if this fits a traditional definition of art, but as an object and statement that's aesthetically pleasing and provocative, centering around environmental issues, I'd say it's pretty effective, and deserves to be posted on Wunderkammer. I don't really care if it's "art" or not --- it's fabulous to look at and really gets a message across without being in the least dry or boring.

Here is another great campaign by the WWF, this time taking a focus on animal rights and the shameful use of the skins of threatened species for luxury goods. What kind of person could wear shoes made of this little guy?

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