Maslen & Mehra : Mirrored : A new book

A few days ago I received an email from Moderne Kunst Books, who is publishing a new book on artists Maslen & Mehra. Apparently, some of the text from the piece I wrote for Wunderkammer on their work is being used to promote the book.

You can read my earlier post on Maslen & Mehra's work
here --- which focuses specifically on their Native series, an excerpt of which is shown below.

Eurpoean Wolf : Notre Dame : Paris - from the Native Series - non-manipulated photograph of sculpture - Maslen & Mehra - 2007

Maslen & Mehra : Mirrored

Ed. Caprice Horn, Berlin
Texts by Edward Lucie-Smith, Eugen Blume

Hardcover, 184 S., 95 col. ill.

EUR 30,00 sFr 52,00


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