WWF Strikes Again...

Another clever clever series of adverts from WWF, (that is, the World Wildlife Federation, as opposed to the World Wrestling Federation --- these ads would be a real change of direction for them.) This time their campaign deals with linking the idea of deforestation to species loss.

And another series, below, showing how turtles evolve into soup and leopards into coats...with a little "assistance" from public enemy numero uno.

Good job WWF advert team! Clever and thought provoking ads. Let's hope these are reaching their marks.


Walton Ford

May I humbly present, the inimitable Walton Ford, a dear favorite of mine. Look closely children, his work is rich and nuanced.

I am resiting the urge to write tons about him. Some other time. Until then enjoy the images, and if you like his work --- Google him!

The following are composites of his work, with details on the sides:

I saved the best for last. Click on the Elephant Bird and the Passenger Pigeons to enlarge to gorgeously detailed high-res images:

Love, love, love his work!

More Art to follow, I swear!

In an effort to get posting more frequently (Look at that big break in posts! Shame on me!), I am easing up on my yen to write reams about every artist's work and am I just going to indulge you, lovely viewers, with a deluge of images instead. It is art after all, and what is it that they say about images speaking louder than 1000 pens? *wink*