Walton Ford

May I humbly present, the inimitable Walton Ford, a dear favorite of mine. Look closely children, his work is rich and nuanced.

I am resiting the urge to write tons about him. Some other time. Until then enjoy the images, and if you like his work --- Google him!

The following are composites of his work, with details on the sides:

I saved the best for last. Click on the Elephant Bird and the Passenger Pigeons to enlarge to gorgeously detailed high-res images:

Love, love, love his work!

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Corinne DeBra said...

Great site you have. I couldn't agree more about Walton Ford. His work is wonderful. I was wondering if Walton was related to Alice Ford (who wrote book about Audobon). In any case, thank you for sharing this work; I had not seen the last two. - Corinne D.