Tom Uttech

I was lucky enough to get to see one of Tom Uttech's stunningly gorgeous paintings (no hyperbole, I was truly stunned by how beautiful it was) in person a couple years ago at the Art Chicago art fair. My friend Molly and I stood in front of it for a good twenty minutes or so and then came back to look at it again before leaving. In the midst of all the commercial, sensational and trend-oriented work at the fair, oh my goodness, it was such a completely different thing altogether, and reminded me why I make art.

I hope you enjoy Tom Uttech's paintings, though little .jpgs online don't compare to seeing in person. Do be sure to click the images to see them larger, though.

No text-based reiteration of this man's obvious deep passion for the natural world is needed. The heavy scented magic of forest oozes over the edges of his handcrafted frames, smelling of mushrooms and decomposing pine needles. Animal observers gaze out at us, confronting us, asking us if we're part of this world or not. Fluttering flocks of birds rush towards the sunset or seem to flee some unseen menace. What is it that they're fleeing? Is that you out there, standing just beyond the ring of the setting sun?...waiting, just beyond the frame?...and if so...do you want to come in?

If you'd like to read more on Tom Uttech's work, please check out Wunderkammer's friend, Hungry Hyaena, for a great post.