Kawano Takeshi

Another mystery solved by the miracles of blog-dom.

Remember that melting polar bear of unknown origins that I posted some time ago? Well, I finally found out who is responsible, and snagged a few more images for you all, thanks to an old friend's blog (we used to go to the same synagogue when we were kids).

Well, why hold back? Here are the other wonderful sculptures: the animals shown are a pair of emperor penguins and a sika deer, by my guess --- and our old friend, the polar bear. I found nice large images for you all, so click them to zoom in.

The sika deer is especially lovely. I was lucky enough to get to spend a lot of time around them last August when I was in Japan. On the island of Miyajima, the deer are particularly acclimated to human contact. In general, I don't advocate the feeding and socialization of wild animals (I saw one deer eat an entire map out of a tourist's pocket), but when you're feeding momoji maple leaves to them, instead of human food, and the most beautiful buck bows his head so that you can touch his warm and velvety antlers, well, that's a chance I can't refuse.

Kawano Takeshi (or Takeshi Kawano, depending on whether you want to anglicize the sur-name placement or not) created these works for the Italian communication research center Fabrica, to call attention to the threats of climate change.

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