I love to see good/innovative street art, so I often peer into hidden alleys and look on old warehouse doors for cool stickers or little paintings in Chicago and when traveling. Sometimes, a work-site fence or ugly underpass is a better venue for a work of art than a pristine gallery wall.

Now, when that art is more than just a spray can throw-up, and has a great message, well that's even better. Bringin' it to the people! Love it.

Below, Milwaukee-based artist Jesse Graves gives us something to think about with his bio-degradable mud graffiti.

Anna Garforth, below, transcribes the first line of a friend's poem with moss she attached to the wall using biodegradable methods. Below, she expounds:

“This is the first in an on-going project, and I have much experimentation to do in terms of how and where I place it. The piece is the first sentence of a verse. The second sentence of the verse will be made and displayed somewhere else around the city [London] in a couple of weeks time, and so on until the whole verse has been transcribed.”

And Edina Todoki, below, gives a softer-edge to the urban landscape with her living moss-graffiti. Oooh, see that turkey with the deer and rabbit? That reminds me that I'm done with the computer for today, and off to have some Tofurkey, with my special vegetarian wild-mushroom gravy!

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