Sun Boxes : Craig Colorusso

Artist Craig Colorusso will have his environmentally minded (and solar powered!) sound installation, Sun Boxes, on view for a short time only at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. If you are in the area, I encourage you to drop by. Though I have not seen the work in person myself, I can attest from the video of the piece, below, that it seems like it would be a unique and lovely experience.

Sun Boxes are an environment to enter and exit at will, comprised of twenty speakers operating independently --- each powered by solar panels. A different loop, set to play a guitar note, reverberates continuously in each box. These notes collectively sound a Bb chord. Because the loops are of different lengths, they continually overlap so that the piece slowly evolves over time. The sounds of Sun Boxes have been described as both soothing and energizing, as they react to the natural fluctuations of cloudiness and sun to create an ephemeral composition.

Here's a video of the works installed at the 12th annual Sculpture at Maudslay. (Apparently, viewers can also use their own shadows to influence the sound!):

(Filmed by Kevin Belli on September 18, 2010)

All are welcome to enter the sound environment at will during the three-day installation. You can find info on where/how to attend, here and learn more about Sun Boxes here.